Setting Up a New PC with Chocolatey

I am starting a new role at HH Global tomorrow. I’ll be spending most of tomorrow setting up my pc and installing all the programs and applications I want to use. I decided to create a powershell script which will install Chocolatey, then install a bunch of applications I want from their app gallery.

If you haven’t heard of Chocolatey yet it is very similar to linux’s apt-get, it uses powershell scripts and Nuget packages to automate the installation of Windows applications.

The script dosen’t do anything out of the ordinary, it literally installs Chocolatey, then executes the cinst command for every application I want to install.

# Install Chocolatey

"Installing Chocolatey..."
iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(""))
"Installing Chocolatey - Done..."

# Install Programes

# System Tools

"Installing System Tools..."

cinst 7zip
cinst notepadplusplus
cinst GoogleChrome
cinst Firefox
cinst filezilla
cinst skype
cinst FoxitReader
cinst gimp
cinst keepass
cinst truecrypt
cinst CutePDF
cinst mirc
cinst putty
cinst Cygwin
cinst virtualbox

"Installing System Tools - Done..."

# Dev Tools

"Installing Dev Tools..."

cinst fiddler
cinst linqpad4
cinst ScriptCs
cinst CoffeeScript
cinst NewRelic  
cinst P4Merge
cinst poshgit

"Installing Dev Tools - Done..."

You can also find the script on my GitHub repo.